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Koh Phi Phi and Koh Phangan

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Bye Siem Reap. See Angkor Wat change colors during sunset...


I've been waiting to lie on a beach since I was up in the cold mountains of Wudang Shan, China about a montha and a half ago and now I'm here. We took a taxi, yes a taxi, from Siem Reap to Bangkok. There are only dirst roads from Sien Reap, Cambodia to the Thai border. Supposedly, Thai Airways pays the Cambodian government not to fix their roads so that more people will fly their airlines to get to Thailand. What a scam! So we opted for a taxi that took about 4 hours to get to Bangkok, rather than the 14 hours on a stinky, sweaty, bus on bumpy roads. The taxi driver on the Cambodian side called them "dancing roads." cuz you dance as he veers left and right disging pot holes. But Ellen and I nearly got whiplash, and at times, our bodies jumped so high from the seats that I feared bumping my head on the roof of the car. The Thai side, however, was beautiful paved and we got some rest after "dancing" for 2+ hours. We then took a flight to Phuket, where we stayed overnight in a dorm. The next afternoon, after running some errands in town (buying a beach towel) we took a ferry to Koh Phi Phi, where they filmed The Beach. It was beautiful. The water was so blue and so clear. The sand was so soft and white. It was paradise. It took a little trekking through sand and jungle with out heavy bags that couldn't be rolled in the sand until we found a place to stay. It was dark and dingy and smelled. When it rained, water seeped through the floors and brought in huge centipedes and beetles. Pretty gross. But luckily the pristine warm waters and the beach chairs were worth it. You would look down the dark halls of our hostel to find the doorway that led right onto the beach and all you could see was sunny skies and blue waters and that cleared away all the worries about where we were sleeping. Cuz by day, the beach was our home. Of all the places on Koh Phi Phi to stay, we chose Long Beach. We later found out that this was rated one of the top 10 beaches in the world. How wonderful!!!


That 1st day, after waking up, we put on our bikinis and went straight to the beach and camped out under the sun for 8 hours, only leaving to eat lunch and have a shake. We swam out into the water a little bit and it was SO warm, it was like a refreshing salty bath. The colorful tropical fish swam right up to shore and cuz the water was so clear, you could see them swimming next to you. It was absolute heaven and all I can do is sigh at the thought of such paradise. At night, we got a candlelight massage, would watch fire twirlers, drink beer, listen to the waves crash against the shore, eat a curry dinner, and just relax.

Can you imaging feeling the sea breeze while you got a candlelight massage here?


The fire twirlers:


Your worries here change.... screw the daily worries about school and work. Here, it's, "should I get the mango or coconut shake?" or "I think I'll tan on the other side now."


We stayed a couple of days on Koh Phi Phi before heading to Koh Phangan on the east coast. It took us a whole day to get here, but as I'm sitting here in my bungalow typing away on our in-room computer, while Ellen's drinking a beer on our patio overlooking the ocean, and the sun is setting, it's worth it. We got here last night and had high hopes to sleep in better accommodations. But slept in bungalows that were pretty similar to our last accommodations but with straw walls so thin you could hear the people in the other room snoring, and with more visitors in the room... a family of ants that crawled in a line up the walls next to our beds. So now we're at Cocohut...complete luxury. We've broken the backpacker budget, but I think it's well deserved after all the dives we've slept in for the last couple of months.

Accommodation #1... Nasty, huh?At P.P Long Beach Divers


Cocohut's Paradise at our beach side bungalow... which would you rather stay at?


Koh Phangan's highlight is the FULL MOON PARTY... Nov 24. So excited. Stay tuned for pictures from that crazy party, that is, if I don't lose my camera.

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Oh mY Lord!!! How awesome! completely different from all that roughness you're endured up until now. It's like God knew you would appreciate the resort & the beach that much more after staying in some of the "other" not so nice places...I'm down with the ghetto but once you got ants & beetles and shit I"M OUTTA THERE! eww gross gross!
Anyway, the massage was well deserved! Now stop typing and get your butt to partying girl! what the! except i read this on nov 26th...so maybe you did lose your camera you drunk ass! LOL! jk
i can only imagine in my mind how amazing the moon festival is in thailand...

by atsukiyaki

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